Monday, January 12, 2009

Sketchbook - Evelyn Nesbit

This is a sketch from my sketchbook of Evelyn Nesbit. She was a chorus girl and artist's model. She modeled for Frederick S. Church and sculptor George Grey Barnard. She was a model for Gibson's "The Eternal Question". Her husband, Harry Kendall Thaw, fatally shot one of her former lovers, the prominent architect, Stanford White. The movie, "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" is based on her life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Collinsville, CT

This is a painting is of a store that used to be in downtown Collinsville Connecticut, just down the road from my house. Click here to see what it looks like today on Google Maps. While you are there, take a look around. It's a great little town.

Oil on canvas

La Jetée Sketch

Here's my sketch for the painting below. I like this sketch much more than the painting. 

La Jetée Poster

This painting is for a history of illustration class taught by science fiction illustrator Vincent Di Fate. It's a movie poster for an imaginary remake of the short film La Jetée. La Jetée is the basis for the movie Twelve Monkees. My model for the male face was my classmate Dan Yagmin. The female figure was from one of the over 1500 reference photos I've taken at Fuerzabruta. 

Oil painting, revised in Photoshop.

Cowboy Descending Bull Sketch

Here's my sketch for the rodeo picture.

Cowboy Descending Bull

Here's my painting from our trip to Fort Worth, Texas.

Oil on canvas

Pasadena Project

Every spring and fall the MFA program meets in a different city. After each trip, at the next contact period, every student has to present an illustration based on the last trip. This is my painting from our trip to Pasadena, California.

Oil on canvas

Fuerzabruta Painting

This painting is still in progress. It's a thesis painting based on  the show Fuerzabruta

Oil painting  40" high by 48" wide

Fuerzabruta Color Study

Here's a color study for my MFA thesis project. I'm doing a series of paintings based on the show Fuerzabruta which is currently running in New York City.